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Looking To Sell: Fruit
Aronia Berries


Grown 100% organically (though not certified) and hand picked. Somewhere between 11,000-18,000 lbs of Aronia Berries for sale. For this quantity of anticipated harvest yet to be picked (harvest Sept 4th 2018), purchased by a single buyer, I am willing to sell for less than the current price I have been getting by marketing and selling the berries myself from a much smaller harvest ($5.00 a pound is what I currently get for my berries from current buyers). I understand the going price for Aronia Berries in these quantities is anywhere between $1.00 a pound to $3.00 a pound, the lower figure unacceptable for purchase. Willing to consider any offer close to the $3.00 a pound price, depending on the actual market price currently being paid.

General Details:

Sold by:Jordan Creek Aronia Berries
Email:Contact Us
Location:Soldier, Iowa

Listing Details:

Listing views:38
Listing expires:09/08/2018
Listing posted:07/25/2018

Availability Dates:

Start date:09/02/2018
End date:09/09/2018

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